Life of Pi

Life of Pi - Yann Martel

Life of Pi is about a boy who survives a shipwreck.
Pi is a great character,trying his very best to survive.
This book has some educational values and has taught me many things.

Pi goes through a significant religious awakening in his formative years,eventually subscribing to a variety of religions:Catholicism,Hinduism and Islam.

His family decided to sell the animals and  immigrate to Canada on a cargo ship when Pi is a teenager.
Pi was excited to see the storm and so he goes onto the ship's deck.
Hewas tossed overboard and into a lifeboat by the crew.

My favourite character in the story is definitely Pi. He is kind at heart and is not afraid. Sure,he feared for his life when he realised that he was onboard with a tiger.But slowly,he build a beautiful relationship with the tiger,whose name is Richard Parker.

How Pi and Richard Parker survive in the Pacific Ocean makes up the rest of the novel. He was afraid that Richard Parker will eventually kill him for food. He considered a variety of survival options and concludes that he must tame the tiger to avoid being eaten.Although Pi was not able to gain full control over the tiger,he was able to secure Richard Parker.

Pi goes temporarily blind and loses his mind. He begins having a conversation with the tiger in which they would talk about what kinds of food they would like to eat.During this exchange,another man in a lifeboat appears,also blind and very hungry. Pi allows the man,who speaks with a French accent,on the lifeboat. The man attacks Pi,saying that he intents to eat him. Richard Parker saw this event,and immediately attacks the man and consuming him.

Pi and the tiger arrived in Mexico after a period of time. Richard Parker ran into the wild and was never seen again. Pi was brought into custody,given food and was questioned by two officials. Pi told his story. The two officials did not believe Pi's story. Pi then made up a story to make it seem more believable,involving his mother,a crew member of the sunken ship,and a foul-tempered French cook who eventually kills both the crewman and his mother. Pi then told the officials that he killed the French cook by stabbing him in the throat to save himself. Pi traveled alone for days until he reached Mexico.